Music Garlic.  Also limited supply of German Extra Hardy,  Approximately 40 pounds.


Highly sought after delicacy from professional chefs to those who don’t cook. Price at $5 per pound. Picked up. Shipping extra.

Contact for price vacuum sealed.

Currently sold out.


Most sought after garlic sold today. It has a robust flavor yet not so over powering. Several chefs say they make the same dish while using 20 percent less garlic. Pricing $8 for half a pound, $12 for 1-4 pounds, $11 for 5-9 lbs and $10 for 10 pounds and up. Picked up shipping extra.

Limited quantity available.

Additional products: both flaked, minces and powder. Looking for feed back on preferences!

Flaked:IMG_2285  4 oz Golden Harvest shaker   $5 plus shipping.